N.E.S.H.S. '58 U.S.A. Alumni
Invitation To A Virtual 2001 New Year Gala
(Singing, Dancing, Champagne, Poetry Reading & Concert)

We cordially invite our worldwide friends and colleagues to share with us a fun and memorable evening wherein we will welcome and celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2001.

Good wishes and goodwill to all!

(Signed) Members, NESHS '58 U.S. Alumni

~ Programme ~

1. First: The Office Party
2. A Special Evening For Two
3. ... An Evening of Dancing
4. Is It Time?
5. Seconds countdown to 2001
7. Good Times, ... Good Cheer!
8. More champagne; Another toast!
9. A resolution ...
10. Guiding light ...
11. Wonderful things ...
12. A Beethoven composition
13. A Bach composition
14. A Chopin composition

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