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NESHS '58 Worldwide Alumni Community

Year 2000 Letters to Alumni Community

Nilo's Official Report RE Isabilita's Funds (Dec. 23, 1999)

Subj: Isabelita Malgapo
Date: 12/27/99 11:34:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: DIMER29
To: Acelot88

Dear Ace,

I have sent our community's abuloy for Isabelita Malgapo to Efren's daughter, Joy, last December 2nd., which was covered by the following donations from our classmates: CHILL1 - $15.00 CHILL2 - $20.00, PINES - $25.00, and MARISIL - $40.00.

Will inform you accordingly of any funds that will be received after this. As usual, the arrangement to send the money to Efren's daughter in Jersey City has been agreed between you, Efren and myself. With this arrangement, we are saving the cost of the telegraphic transfer and/or wire transfer.

On another topic, I hope all members of our community who have Internet capabilities will take time to visit our website. You have done such a tremendous job in keeping the Web site uptodate, and getting more and more interesting.

My regards to the family, and a Prosperous New Year to all.


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