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Welcome to the Nueva South High School's (NESHS) Class of '58 Alumni's Internet home - the only site in the WEB where the alumni community, our most cherished NESHS high school and our beloved City of Gapan, Nueva Ecija (Philippines) are the news and the newsmakers are the members of the NESHS '58 alumni family. Late breaking alumni-related, school-related, and town-related news and developments; and special topics and issues of import to the alumni family and Asian-American community -- happening across the country and across the globe -- are posted on this site for your use.

We hope that your visit to our WEB Home would be informative, pleasant and a fun experience. Again, a hearty Welcome!

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February 2003 ......................

  • P.I. News: - P.I. Bishop Bans Church Wedding For Pregnant Brides (Posted: Feb. 28, 2003)  
    ..... (Source: BBC News)
  • P.I. News: - Filipino Doctors Shifts To Nursing (Posted: Feb. 28, 2003)  
    ..... for better pay (Source: The Strait Times)
  • U.S. Alumni News: - Conchita P. Dela Pena Marks 60th Birthday (Posted: Feb. 25, 2003) 
  • Special Feature: - Courage - An Inspirational (Posted: Feb. 25, 2003)  
    ..... (Source: Philippine Star)
  • Gapan News: - Gapan Jueteng Den Raided By Govt. Agents (Posted: Feb. 21, 2002)
    ..... den personnel arrested & charged. (Source: Philippine Star)
  • Gapan News: - 2 Men Charged With Nida Blanca's Murder (Posted: Feb. 14, 2002)
    ..... husband of actress alleged to have hired hit man. (Source:
  • Gapan News: - A Villareal Running For N.E. Gov in 2004 (Posted: Feb. 7, 2002)
    ..... San Isidro's Julita Lorenzo-Villareal makes bid on Joson's seat. (Source: Philippine Star)
  • P.I. Info\Society: - Mind Over Body - A "What Turns You On" Survey (Posted: Feb. 14, 2002)
    ..... Adult Filipinos prefers brains-over-brawn for the opposite sex. Americans less so. (Source: Manila Times)
  • P.I. News: - Controlling Population With A Necklace (Posted: Feb. 19, 2003)
    ..... (Source: MSNBC News)
  • P.I. News: - OFW's Absentee Voting Law Passed (Posted: Feb. 14, 2003)
    ..... qualifies 4.5M OFWs to vote in 2004. Disqualified: former-now-foreign citizens,
    ..... the insane & "incompetent". (Source: ABS-CBN News)

  • P.I. News: - RP's City With The Worst Air Pollution (Posted: Feb. 7, 2003)
    ..... it's not Manila (which ranks No. 2). (Source: World Bank & Philippine Star)
  • P.I. News: - Evac Plans For Filipino Middle East OFWs (Posted: Feb. 4, 2003)
    ..... 80 in Iraq; 60,000 in Kuwait. (Source:
  • P.I. News: - English Back As RP Schools' Main Language (Posted: Feb. 4, 2003)
    ..... but first, teachers needs to be tested. (Source: Manila Times &
  • P.I. News: - U.S. Troops Going Back To RP For Combat (Posted: Feb. 21, 2003)
    ..... will join hunt for Abu Sayyaf; RP government "No comment".
    ..... (Source: Newsday, MSNBC News, SkyNews)

  • Special Feature: - The Faces Of AIDS In Asia (Posted: Feb. 21, 2003)  
    ..... show-it-like-it-is images; a number are Philippine "faces"; not for the squeamish.
    ..... (Source:

  • Special Feature: - An American Dream Turned Nightmarish (Posted: Feb. 19, 2003)
    ..... (Source: New California Media)
  • Special Feature: - Fil-Am General In U.S. Army (Posted: Feb. 14, 2003)
    ..... in thick of war prep against Irag. (Source: Asian Journal)
  • Special Feature: - Hate Killer Of Fil-Am Judged To Pay (Posted: Feb. 14, 2003)
    ..... maximum penalty to family of Joseph Ileto. (Source: Asian Journal)
  • Special Feature: - "Thru My Father's Eyes" (Posted: Feb. 11, 2003)  
    ..... historical photos of the U.S.' first Filipino immigrants. Made by Ricardo Alvarado.
    ..... SEE also: "Memories Of The Manong". (Source: Apa/

  • Special Feature: - Fil-Ams Raps Govt. For Civil Liberties Violations (Posted: Feb. 11, 2003)
    ..... the downside of U.S.' anti-terrorist measures. (Source: New California Media)
  • Special Feature: - Filipinos Fights To Preserve Fil-Am History (Posted: Feb. 7, 2003)
    ..... an "unknown" and disappearing history. (Source: New California Media)
  • Special Feature: - A Modern Day Love Story (Posted: Feb. 4, 2003)
    ..... a Filipina maid & a Scottish gamekeeper. What a man did for the woman he loves. (Source: Daily Record)
  • U.S. Alumni News: - Update: Death Of Efren's Brother-In-Law (Posted: Feb. 14, 2003)
  • U.S. Alumni News: - Death Of A Brother-In-Law Of Efren Pascual (Posted: Feb. 7, 2003)

    January 2003

  • Gapan News: - Gapan Among RP's Main Tilapia Suppliers (Posted: Jan. 28, 2002)
    ..... filet of tilapia in demand; a new giant breed coming up. (Source: Philippine Star)
  • Gapan News: - Gapan's District Gets P15M Public Works Equipment (Posted: Jan. 24, 2002)
    ..... secured by district's Rep. Villareal. (Source: Philippine Star)
  • Gapan News: - 4 Men Robs Bus Passengers (Posted: Jan. 10, 2002)
    ..... had good time in karaoke bar; caught there. (Source: Philippine Star)
  • Letters (Members Only): - 2002 Reunion - Financial Statement (Posted: Jan. 31 2002)
  • P.I. Alumni News: - Jessie de Leon In Los Angeles (Posted: Jan. 10, 2003)
  • Special Feature: - "Memories Of The Manong" (Posted: Jan. 28, 2003)
    ..... a photo history (1914-1976) of the U.S.' first Filipino immigrants. Photos currently exhibited
    ..... at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington, D.C. (Source: Washington Post)

  • U.S. Alumni News: - The Siwas Recent P.I. Trip (Posted: Jan. 3, 2003)
  • 2002 U.S. Reunion: - Reunion Coordinator's Financial Statement (Posted: Jan. 31, 2003)

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