Class of 1958 Alumni Association, U.S. Chapter

730 Stanford Drive; Placentia, California 92870; U.S.A.

July 14, 2000

Fellow alumni and families,

Let me welcome you to our 42nd reunion festivities in Anaheim, California, U.S.A.

It is the year 2000, a new millennium and here we are, Class 58 of the Nueva Ecija South High School (NESHS) reuniting for our 42nd graduation anniversary. Think back forty-two years ago, when we were just embarking to a future full of uncertainties, somewhat anxious being on the threshold of adulthood, taking those first steps towards an independent existence and, at the same time, being aware of and accepting that sense of responsibility for our actions.

However, that was then and look at us now. We have found our niche in this world and have learned to fend for ourselves, interact with the rest of humanity, raise our families and become responsible adults in the community that we live in.

It is with great honor and pride to welcome each and every one of you to this memorable event. This marks another milestone in our lives, to get this far and experience the pleasure of meeting once again, our dear classmates. This experience deserves to be in the center page of our scrapbook of memories to cherish and revisit for all the years to come.

Our Alma Mater is very proud to see that it succeeded in teaching its students the meaning of responsibility, fellowship, camaraderie and loyalty. We, NESHS alumni, will always be grateful, that our Alma Mater provided us the academic and practical tools to prepare us to tackle the challenges of life.

Our 40th, as well as this 42nd anniversary reunion, will always draw magical and pleasant nostalgia, whether consciously or subconsciously, with the happy memories of our Alma Mater. For me, the teachers, classrooms, and its campus will always stay as a pleasant part of this my memory.

Let us join our hearts and minds in this event and pray that this will not be our last and likewise offer our prayers of thanks that we have made it to this event.

Yours truly,

Norma Afable GrajoO
Reunion Coordinator
Year 2000 NESHS 58 U.S. Reunion

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